Over the past 20 years Cindy has helped her clients alleviate chronic pain, emotional and mental disturbances, insomnia, poor circulation, chronic migraines and compromised metabolisms. Her unique understanding of the human body and it’s innate wisdom helps her clients create a healing space for empowered cognitive health, elimination of toxins and increased vitality.
Cindy has been certified in Reflexology from the Open Center in NYC since 2001. Her expertise include clients with chronic diseases ( e.g.. cancer), diabetes, high blood pressure, children with learning disabilities, performing artists and sports people with injuries. She has dedicated 30 years to learning the practices of yoga, having been an active Naam Yoga Teacher since 2006. She has been a Harmonyum Healing practitioner since 2006, a healing technique that balances the autonomous nervous system creating relaxation and lasting healing. She has been studying with Dr Joseph Michael Levry a renowned Master Kabbalist and life long mystic for the past 12 years
Cindy adores the joy of movement as well as the sweet place of stillness that connects one with the flow of life. Her passion of continuously sharing practical tools and wisdom is with the intention to foster healing and lasting balance with her clients and anyone whom is interested in changing their life.


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