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ONGOING PRACTICE Weekly classes at NAAM LA 1235 4th St Santa Monica 90401. 90 mins free parking opposite the studio.

FRIDAY  1pm – 1.55pm Shakti Naam with Cindy

SATURDAY  2.30pm – 2.55pm Naam Therapeutic Movement Sequence

SATURDAY  3.00pm – 3.55pm Naam Health for Emotional Balance

A little about Cindy Aikman

Cindy’s training in the performing arts, specifically contemporary dance, led her to New York City, the mecca of modern dance, in 1998 to study the Klein Technique. The Klein Technique focuses on the very structure of the body, the bones, and how they influence every move, on every level, our body makes – physically, emotionally and ultimately spiritually.

Cindy also found her spiritual home in NYC. Her journey began in 2001 when she developed a passion for the healing power of Reflexology, leading her to become a certified Reflexologist. In 2003 she completed and added Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training to her healing repertoire . . . and then came Naam.

Now entering her 17th year of study, her immersion into Naam has included training in Levels I, II, III and beyond, of the wisdom behind Naam, and the Harmonyum Healing System. In 2017 Naam Touch the next level of Reflexology, was incorporated into the trainings at Naam. Cindy completed this certification program and is now a dedicated member of the Naam Touch teaching team.

Cindy adores teaching, guiding, working in the healing arts and feels so blessed to be able to share her passion for health and wellness on all levels in these magical Naam infused ways. She is a New Zealander whom has chosen to make the city of Los Angeles her home.

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With NZ Winter Tour in Subject

This tour will be filled with new ways of seeing ourselves and others, using tools from Naam Yoga, Divine Spiritual Wisdom and the wisdom that is in all of our hearts, to journey inwards and upwards to a more healthy, life affirming perspective. Developing our paying attention skills, strengthening our setting intention abilities and widening our believing in ourselves scapes.

These are all important ingredients to inviting the awareness of living in alignment with the higher power that wishes only GOOD for all. Viewing our “problems” as solutions, the vehicles that pushed us to where we are now; we can move forward respecting life more, respecting ourselves and all our relations more.

We will work with the sacred breath of life, move our glorious bodies and sing for our souls. Come smiling with an open mind and leave smiling with an open heart…

Cindy has been teaching since 2006 in many settings – yoga studios, drug rehab centers, homeless shelters, performing arts schools, and dance companies, both in the USA and NZ. She co-founded Naam Yoga Aotearoa NZ in 2006 and visits NZ every year to share more Naam and Divine Spiritual Wisdom. Born and raised in the South Waikato it is pure joy for her to be in NZ and teaching this amazing work. It has propelled her forward to better and brighter ways of perceiving her life choices and continues to increase her journey to freedom and love and richer truth.

Over the past 20 years Cindy has helped her clients alleviate chronic pain, emotional and mental disturbances, insomnia, poor circulation, migraines and compromised metabolisms. She has been certified in Reflexology from the Open Center in NYC since 2001 and has dedicated 30 years to learning the practices of yoga, having been an active yoga teacher since 2006. Cindy has been a Harmonyum Healing practitioner since 2006, a healing technique that balances the autonomic nervous system creating relaxation and lasting health and has been studying with Dr Joseph Michael Levry, a renowned Master Kabbalist, life long mystic and founder of Naam Yoga and Harmonyum Healing for the past 14 years. Her expertise includes helping clients with chronic diseases, high blood pressure, children with learning disabilities, performing artists and people with injuries, as well as people enjoying great health.

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n.z.   027 411 2001