Perfect Balance Movement Class

PERFECT BALANCE   Develops strength, alignment, efficiency and confidence. It is a deep meditative way to experience moving and being in the world. Our relationship with our breath deepens, and the wisdom that comes from working with and from the deepest densest fiber in our bodies – our bones – brings an awareness of principles that can be applied to all movement. Perfect balance classes foster the precious gift of patience with your process of change both in and out of class, correcting unhealthy habitual movement and making space for the best of you to be present at all times.

“Unknown to most, human bones are highly concentrated light of the Sun. The quality of life-force concentrated in our bones is superior to that of the flesh and fluid, because of their enduring strength.”- Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

+1 310 876 4977 U.S.A.     +64 (0)27 411 2001 N.Z.

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