“Cindy was perhaps the greatest catalyst in helping me make several changes in my life. Stressed and trying to make several career decisions, especially difficult when you own the company and no longer want to be in your own office. Thus Cindy a wonderful person and friend offered me what she promised to be a life changing session. I spent two hours under Cindy’s magic. The first portion relaxed me to a point that I had never been before and the second portion gave me a clarity of mind that I had never achieved before. When our session was over, I felt that I had the power to change my life. Not being a very spiritual person, and in all honesty still not that spiritual I found these two hours awe inspiring. Harmonium, was a word that I had never heard before and I believe that Cindy allowed me to achieve the perfect balance between mind, spirit and body. This was truly a life altering experience and because of Cindy I have made the changes necessary to achieve a lasting happiness and peace. Thank you my friend for your help. With much Love”

“Cindy has helped me to change my life on every level – emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically through the powerful and beautiful Harmonyum she has bestowed onto me. She has been working on me regularly for the last 3 years. I have no doubt that Harmonyum has not only helped me to survive my huge life changes but flourish within this transformation. I am so very grateful to have Cindy and her magical, God blessed, miracle of Harmonyum in my life! I simply would not have made it without her and her gifts.”
K. N. Hare

“I have been blessed to receive Harmonyum from Cindy Aikman. I have known Cindy for over two years now and find her to be a very gentle and caring person. These attributes along with her inherent knowledge and comfort as a Harmonyum practioner definitely came through during the sessions that I received. Aside from the overall experience of Harmonyum itself, in her presence I was filled with the feeling of being held in a warm basket of Love and caring. The comfort that I experienced truly allowed me to open up and receive the Light. I would highly recommend Cindy to those who are looking to experience Harmonyum.”
W. Leamon

“Cindy has been working on my feet for years now. Whether I have high stress levels or back pain, or recently recovering from the trauma of childbirth, Cindy has a healing touch and is sensitive to all of my specific physical issues. Her work is trans formative.”
S. Crowner Artist/Mother

“Just moments after Cindy places her magical hands on you, you begin to feel healed. You walk away feeling nourished as well as having had a workout that gets your organs working like a well oiled machine. My foot pain went away permanently after 2 sessions. I recommend her without hesitation.“ Sharon Melnick, Ph.D.

All people are coming to Yoga for different reasons. Some of them are taking only a few lessons, some become an important part of the community. Yoga gives us not only physical well being but also spiritual growth. And if not my dear teacher Cindy, my dedication for all these years (4 years exactly) would not ever have happened. Only teachers personality can bring out our input for growth as a person. I am grateful to my teacher Cindy who is lovingly introduced me to yoga and through that practice I began to understand the healing power of compassion. From the bottom of my heart, I am thanking you for your dedication, love, support for every student in your class whom show growth on every level. Your explanations of every pose and movements are very precise and touching. Your classes of “Perfect Balance” gave me me everything that my body was needing, and your classes of Naam Yoga gave me happiness for the soul with the divine music of Naam. I am both envious and happy for your new students for having a teacher like you as I am still in New York. But I am very grateful for knowing you and the knowledge which I got from you, to continue my Yoga by myself.
N. Ternovski

I was so blessed to have had Cindy as my instructor for over 1 yr. Her Naam & Perfect Balance classes changed my life. My breathing became better, my nervous system became better. I am in the best shape of my life, mentally, physically & spiritually. Her explanations about Naam are so clear & precise. I walked out knowing that I had been touched & felt light & Happy. She will be an asset anywhere she goes. She is patient & understanding and I miss her terribly, but in closing, I know she will touch many others.
Sat Naam. G. News

Cindy Aikman is an exceptional teacher. Her method is extraordinary. I would take her class any time any where.
A. Leeds

After many months of severe back pain I took Cindy Aikman’s Perfect Balance class. After a couple of sessions I had little or no pain and felt stonger and more flexible than I have in months. I look forward to taking her class weekly for both my mental and physical well being. Her care and concern for my safety and well being is more than I ever expected from a group class.
M. Weinsieder


cindy hands in air